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Image Number: 3428
Date: 1929
Location: Barnsley
Image Title: Redfearns Works and Harborough Hill Bridge
Description: An aerial view of Redfearns Glass Works and Harborough Hill Bridge. The following information was submitted by Mrs Kim Benoit. I can see Meadow Street/Redfern Street in the bottom left hand corner. The roundabout with PC World on it would now be just above these streets. Twibell Street and the terraced block of houses on Harborough Hill Road (shown just above the humpback bridge) is also visible. As a child I spent a lot of time on Meadow Street watching for my Grandad Kenworthy finishing the day shift at Redfearns. He worked there manually stoking the furnaces all day. I have many happy memories of waiting for this man covered from head to foot in coal dust, walking onto the street